Federico Selmi

Since 2002, I’ve been living in a world of startups, starting my career as a digital creative at what was then a small company which went on to IPO.

The pursuit of better design has always informed everything I’ve done. I even managed to make it my job with design teams at Publicis and Leo Burnet and as a Global Creative Director in London.

I went on to build products and user experience teams for other companies and startups involved in mobile applications, interactive learning, gaming and ecommerce.

My gradual interest in product management began years later out of frustration.

After seeing so many startups fail, I realised that more often than not, it was not the product to blame. Instead, a lack of understanding of the frameworks needed to ensure these products were developed in a way that encouraged continuous learning and improvement.

Today I’m a Digital Product Innovation Consultant; I work with companies large and small to plan, design and build digital products following agile principles.

I live in the south of England, close to London with my wife and 2 sons.