Hello. My name is Federico Selmi.
I build products following agile principles.
This is my portfolio.

I’m a Digital Product Innovation Consultant living in the south of England. I work with companies large and small to plan, design and build digital products and teams following agile principles.





Email for iPad

Paperfold is a rich content Email app for the iPad. Designed from the ground up to help you get the most out of your email.

Educational Mobile Apps

Educational mobile gaming for kids aged 3 - 6. Mindshapes blend complex characters, deep story-lines, world class visuals to make education more engaging.

Management Training Courses

Tasked with transitioning sales from offline to online. The Leadership Network® provide exclusive masterclasses and factory tours to executives worldwide.

Smarter working with Invotra

1 in 5 Government users rely on Invotra. Invotra is an open source fully customisable intranet, currently used by The Home Office, Department of Transport and The Department of Workplace and Pensions in the UK.

I work with a variety of cross industry clients helping them build, measure and learn through strategic design thinking.

“Federico has the remarkable ability to dive into the deep end and dumb down the complicated.”

Peter Janes - CEO Shopa

“Federico comes with a great set of practical tools for businesses looking at their product market fit.”

Michael Curry - CEO The Academy of Digital Business Leaders

“It has been a very useful learning curve and your concepts will be a great help towards creating the perfect product.”

Alexander Gosling - CEO House SImple


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